Photo & Clothing Credits


Sariah Clonts

The incomparable Sariah Clonts brings General Washington, and now Mrs. Washington, to life on canvas. Sariah captures scenes and moments in history in thousands of photographs, and then chooses split seconds of a scene to translate to art. Please see some of her work on Instagram  here. I am grateful to Sariah for most of the images on this website.


Al Pochek

The General first introduced Al to me at Newburgh, three years ago. Al does beautiful work capturing the battles, daily life, and historic events that we so enjoy participating in. We are grateful to Al for documenting what we cannot, as the Washingtons did not take selfies! See all of Al's beautiful work on his Facebook Page.


At the Sign of the Golden Scissors/Larkin & SMith

My dearest friends and fairy godmothers, Hallie Larkin and Stephanie Smith, are responsible for Mrs. Washington to appear fully clothed in public, at sites, and in programs. Please visit their site At the Sign of the Golden Scissors to purchase patterns to create your own 18th century wear.