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Washington’s Headquarters State Historic Site

The Washingtons spend each long weekend in February at the Newburgh Headquarters to celebrate the General's birthday.

Sandy Spector IS Martha Washington! She portrays Mrs. Washington at our annual George Washington’s Birthday Celebration and other events at our site. Her presentation about Becoming Martha: On How to Make a Past Life Relevant to Present People kept our full house audiences enthralled, and her first-person portrayal adds another layer of knowledgeable interpretation. She is OUR Martha!

Elyse Goldberg, Historic Site Manager

Washington’s Headquarters State Historic Site

Newburgh, New York


Visionary Washington Artist Who Makes History Breathtakingly Accessible

Sandy Spector embodies the heart and soul of Martha Washington. It isn’t JUST a pleasure to work with Sandy, it’s an EXPERIENCE! As an artist, I usually have to explain to new models every detail of what I wish to capture for my painting, prior to and during the photoshoot. But Sandy only needs to hear what scene she will be undertaking before actually PERFORMING the role instead of becoming a mannequin to pose! She is amazing! When I look through my camera lens, I find myself not in the company of Sandy, 

but in the presence of the First Lady… Martha Washington. 

Sariah Clonts, Artist



John Koopman III, George Washington Interpreter, www.JohnKoopmanIII.com

 Several years ago, it became apparent that there was no one portraying Martha Washington in the Northeast.  As a reenactor of the American Revolution, I thought through who could do it.  Only one lady came to mind, Sandy Spector.  Not only the right height, but she already had the same personality of Martha.  She wouldn’t have to “act” the part.  She would just have to immerse herself in the study of Martha’s life.  

Sandy has a fine 18th century wardrobe that is correct.  This adds tremendously to the impression.  If you are looking for an accurate portrayal of Martha Washington, Sandy Spector is the one for you. 


Longfellow House-Washington's Headquarters National Historic Site

  The Washingtons take up residence in Cambridge each July to visit with guests.

Sandy has portrayed Martha Washington with us for the last five years. She does an excellent job! It has been extremely valuable to us to be able to share the story of this dynamic woman!

Garrett Cloer, Supervisory Park Ranger

Longfellow House-Washington's Headquarters National Historic Site

Cambridge, MA


Aicha Kelley, Assistant Director of Programming, Needham Council on Aging

Sandy Spector, or should I say Martha, was such a talent. 

We received rave reviews about her performance and her audience begged for an encore performance. 


Clermont House State Historic Site, Germantown, NY

An annual visit in the 21st century, Martha Washington recreates a visit with her neighbors across the Hudson during her time in Newburgh, NY, 1782-1783.


Guest Thoughts

From Marijane S., a guest at the talk "Dress & Tell: An Intimate Conversation in Mrs. Washington's Bedchamber":

Had a memorable, educational and truly entertaining time attending the Martha Washington presentation today at the Needham Council of Aging.

Never knew she was widowed in her 20's and had 4 children before she married George.  Hearing about her amazing life during this volatile time in our American history was captivating.

As I heard another woman comment next to me, this is how history should be taught in school.  Interactive, human and so interesting.